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Keys to the technological future we have learned at the Web Summit

Keys to the technological future we have learned at the Web Summit

Peolple, Planet, Profit are the words that summarize four days, 70,000 attendees from 160 countries, 1,200 speakers, 11,000 managers and 2,000 emerging companies. Welcome to the Web Summit!

The Web Summit, the largest technology fair in Europe, is a hotbed of ideas and concepts with an economic impact in Lisbon of about 300 million euros. Among the protagonists, top exponents of international technology and digital news such as Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, Guo Ping of Huawei, Britanny Kaiser denouncer of the Cambridge Analytica case, Brian Whipple of Accenture Interactive and thousands more.

Last week Lisbon became the epicenter of the technological planet and the Web Summit, once again, the platform to launch the latest international news in big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity ... And we, Improving Metrics, were one of the thirty Spanish companies at the hands of ICEX with an oral presentation and a stand, showcasing our trends in digital analytics, data quality (QA) and labeling governance focused on facilitating documentation and handling of both pixels and tags implemented in digital assets.

Keys to the technological future we have learned at the Web Summit


Of all the topics discussed at the Web Summit, we remark 10 keys of the future that is coming, but we already anticipate that People, Planet, Profit, are the maxims that a brand must follow to succeed in the next decade.

  1. Data security is a necessity and to establish international laws that ensure the healthy coexistence of technology and the privacy of people, a priority.
    - Edward Snowden, a technology consultant and former CIA worker, through videoconferencing: “What to do when the most powerful institutions have become the least responsible to society? That is the answer that our generation must answer. ”
  2. Technological ethical responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals must be the priority of companies. 
    1. - Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer of IKEA: "The key is to create value for consumers in a way that is positive for the planet and for society in general."
  3. The importance of the brand as the engine of growth of the company.

    - Brian Whipple of Accenture Interactive: “67% of consumers stop buying products if they don't trust the company, and 62% are attracted to brands with ethical values”.

  4. The digital transformation and the way of doing business forces to constantly adapt.
  5. Key: Innovation in the investment model, think about new experiences for consumers and improve the way in which companies are managed from within.
  6. Companies need to define their artificial intelligence strategy to create business value. And you must start today!
  7. Importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence focused on disruptive marketing.
  8. Information can be obtained from different data sources and artificial intelligence is an infallible way to predict many of the things that will happen.
  9. The unstoppable and saving advance of Medtech, artificial intelligence applied to medicine, will change our lives and the health system.
  10. Social networks are practically dead and the future is private messages.

        - Alex Chung, co-founder of Giphy (GIF search engine): “They are almost dead. They are increasingly boring and predictable. For the first time the issuance of private messages daily exceeds the publica


Keys to the technological future we have learned at the Web Summit

Keys to the technological future we have learned at the Web Summit

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