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Improving Metrics, award for Galician innovation

Improving Metrics, premio a la innovación en Galicia

The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Galicia, AJE, recognized yesterday in Sanxenxo the innovative work of Improving Metrics, a company specializing in digital analytics, with the innovation award to Jesus Echarri, Founder and CEO, in the VIII Young Entrepreneur Awards of Galicia.

The Young Entrepreneur Award went to Antonio Casal Rey of Livetopic; while the Young Entrepreneur Award went to Coverwind Solutions by Francisco Álvarez López, Pablo Domínguez and Íñigo Domínguez.

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Improving Metrics, premio a la innovación en Galicia


Innovative projects of Improving Metrics

Of the 34 nominations submitted, the jury assessed the innovative nature of the products and tools developed by the company in analytical processes, data quality (QA), Artificial Intelligence and development and optimization of digital businesses, over almost 8 years. Tools to work internally and to serve his clients:

Tag checker 

Tag checker is an application developed by the Data Quality division of Improving Metrics whose function is to show and facilitate the validation of data (tags) sent by any web page or mobile application, to different tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Facebook ...



Wiper uses machine learning to detect anomalies in real time. Wiper detects patterns in the data to determine relationships between indicators, autonomously and in real time.



Thanks to the use of advanced algorithms, Affinityland is able to automatically analyze large volumes of information from different data sources to create groups of users with similar characteristics. Customize the user experience.


ISA, In- Store Analytics  

ISA is a personalized tool for data analysis, developed by the R&D team of Improving Metrics, which measures and analyzes in real time the emotional journey of customers in several places (stores, museums, fairs, shopping centers...) and also detect their age range and gender. ISA is able to integrate the online and offline world thanks to the analysis of space measurement data, through cameras, sensors, IoT or microphones and data from digital channels such as websites, apps, social networks, publications ...

ISA was presented at the Lisbon Web Summit in October 2018 and is currently located as a prototype installed in the Trison Digital Experience Lab in Barcelona.


Brain- IoT 

Brain-IoT is a project developed at European level by a consortium formed by 12 partners from Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, focused on the "Internet of Things" (IoT). Improving Metrics participates in the research and development of the elements of artificial intelligence and data analytics, in addition to being in charge of the quality management of the project. The objective is to provide a cooperative environment between different IoT platforms and establish a reference framework and methodology that allows intelligent behavior, both autonomous and collaborative, for data-based decision making.

Among other functions, machine learning tools and sensors are currently being developed to help control the volumes of water that would have to be drained daily at the Cecebre dam, A Coruña, thanks to Emalcsa's collaboration in the project.

To develop Brain-IoT, partners have almost 5 million euros from the Programa Marco de Investigación e Innovación de la Unión Europea, Horizonte 2020, which finances projects in strategic areas at European level.

Among the organizations that make up this consortium are important academic centers, research and R&D teams of companies of different sizes. 

Improving Metrics
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