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MeasureCamp Madrid: Datail's presentation and a bombproof data layer

MeasureCamp Madrid, plataforma de presentación de Datail

The latest in the digital analytics sector

On May 25, about 140 professionals from the analytics and digital marketing sector gathered at the MeasureCamp Madrid to spend a day exchanging ideas, new projects, advice and, ultimately, knowledge.

In total, four rooms and 32 possible talks given by the assistants, since they had the opportunity to become speakers following the philosophy of whoever arrives before, choose the time and the room. And the presentations did not disappoint: QA, CRO, CTA, CDP, madtech trends (martech + adtech) and the hiring bubble that the sector lives, among many other topics.

MeasureCamp Madrid, plataforma de presentación de Datail

Strong data layer

Improving Metrics, sponsor of the event, took advantage of the MeasureCamp Madrid to show their experience. Eva González Vior, Digital Analyst Manager, gave two talks focused on the quality of the data and how to get a good data layer. With practical examples, Eva offered the public a series of basic tips to create a bombproof data layer:

  • Use an identifying nomenclature independent of the tool.
  • Group your variables in an organized way.
  • Use a set of rules for consistent variables.
  • Always use the same language.
  • Keep all the variables in the data layer and give them value when applies.



In addition, the event served to give a glimpse about Datail, a web management and tagging tool that, although it will be released in the coming months, has been presented exclusively for a select group of professionals. Improving Metrics engineering team has been immersed in the project for months: a solution that allows companies to control the labeling with a single source of data and, thanks to machine learning, detect anomalies in real time to identify incidents or errors. Currently, Datail, is in the development phase.

Improving Metrics offered attendees a free trial for 3 months and a 50% discount during the first year of the Datail contract.

If you also want to be the first to try it, send an email to:


Improving Metrics
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