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Trends in Electronic Commerce, Online Marketing, Digital Transformation and more in the Ecommerce tour: A Coruña 2019

Trends in Electronic Commerce, Online Marketing, Digital Transformation and more in the Ecommerce tour: A Coruña 2019

The Marketing and Business Development team attended this important event of digital marketing in our city. Because where is the innovation there are the Improvers!

We have attended the second edition of the Ecommerce Tour: A Coruña 2019, where we were able to learn from the hands of experts in various sectors, successful experiences in the management of their digital businesses. Oriana Bello Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Analyst at Improving Metrics, tell us how it was.

The day began with Fares Kameli, Marketing and Technology Advisor of SOLOIMPRENTA. His presentation, A path to innovation, reminded us that innovation is to use resources in a different way and that focusing our activities on our clients is the key to success for every business today. SOLOIMPRENTA, through solution package strategies, focus on the customer and, what we love, data analytics, has managed to exponentially increase its results in an impressive way.

Then Monica Parada, BBVA Head of Acquiring Business, updated us about new regulations in online payment methods for next year and how more and more user's data is protected. One of the latests trends: these platforms will use reinforced authentication to avoid fraud, online payment is increasingly secure.

Then we met María Retamero, Ecommerce Sales Manager of Retail Rocket. He told us about the importance of differentiating Personalization from Segmentation and what is the lattest in which marketeers should focus our efforts, offering unique, but simple experiences. Remember that the customer always looks for the shortcut within the conversion funnel and, to guarantee it, we must facilitate the process as much as possible since, according to María, personalizing can generate an increase of more than 10% in our sales.

Trends in Electronic Commerce, Online Marketing, Digital Transformation and more in the Ecommerce tour: A Coruña 2019

And last but not least of this first round of speakers, Sergio Fernández, General Director of DCoupon, showed us interesting innovations on the field of food retailing. It made us reflect on why we continue to make the purchase as usual if we don't do most of the things the way we used to do it before. And how right he is! He showed us DCoupon, a great application that is already in use in supermarkets in Galicia like Gadis and offers the user special discounts at the time of choosing a product through QR codes. What did we love about this presentation? The possibility for the retailer to be able to approach a total traceability of consumer behavior, even before arriving at the physical store.

After these interesting presentations and a restful break, we had the opportunity to learn about the experiences within the fashion sector of successful entrepreneurs who have swum in the waters of the off and online and have transmitted to us that there is no magic formula in this fascinating world of marketing to succeed. You have to get on the wave and surf!

So after this enthusiasm, we share some small Improver pills about what we learned in the Ecommerce Tour:

  • The client is the center of our strategy.
  • Customize more than segment and facilitate the way to the customer through our digital environments.
  • Using analytics is a master key to meet our client (This is so cool!).
  • We have to be up to date on payment regulation rules and electronic commerce transactions.
  • Let's always think outside the box, doing different things with the resources we have.
  • Do not discriminate online if we are offline and vice versa, we can be the perfect complement.
  • Update constantly.

Oriana Bello, Digital Marketing at Improving Metrics

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