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You can not miss our talk at the MeasureCamp Madrid

You can not miss our talk at the MeasureCamp Madrid

The date is coming...

On Saturday May 25 is the MeasureCamp Madrid, where 150 people from all over Span will meet, especially online marketing professionals and digital analysts, to share experiences, advice, problems and solutions throughout the day.

Until the same day, the speakers and the topics to be discussed are not known, as the attendees decide themselves the agenda of the event that morning. And although we do not disclose the content of our talk, we do anticipate that it will be centered on data quality or quality assuarance and that one of our Digital Analyst Manager, Eva González Vior, will be telling you the secrets of how our team works to prevent labeling break in each deployment, unify assets and identify how many labels and pixels are in each asset, when and where they are launched and who asks for them.

We will share our vision of the latest news, techniques and tools of analytics and data quality.

In addition, there will be a surprise announcement for attendees.

So, you can not miss our talk!

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