Data, data and more data


Pixel auditing

Do you not know the pixels that your website has, when they were requested and where they are launched?

We regulate the implementation of your pixels, the traceability of their implementation, when, on what pages or event it is launched and what information is being sent to third parties.

Data connectors

Do you need to dump data to your reports automatically?

With our tailored connectors you can integrate your data sources to save time and automate your reports of all your information sources that you need. Apple Search Ads, Apple Store, Google Play Console, Appsflyer, Appfigures, Microsoft Bing Ads and more.

Customized reports

Do you want to reflect the results of your analytics in high-level reports?

We generate scorecards integrating your data with advanced visualization tools: Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Dome ...

Allocation models

Are you in charge of large and diversified budgets?

We design custom allocation models so that you can not only allocate correctly, but also have reliable and predictable data based on the behavior of your users. Discovering the real effectiveness of marketing channels can mean reducing your investment with better results.

Segmentation, LTV, flows and loyalty

Do you really want to know your users and their behavior?

We create algorithmic models so that you can detect prospects related to your brand, your clients' browsing flow and exclude audiences that do not have a qualified return for your business.

Metric unification

Do you want to be able to compare the analytics of the different brands of your company?

We analyze the common points of the business of the different brands to be able to compare results and have unified reports on all of them. Take advantage of the information value of your assets.

Training and R&D

Does your team need help in its first steps or specialize in any area?

In an ever evolving ecosystem, training is power. Online courses in online or face-to-face, personalized or In-Company:

  • Google Analytics for Firebase
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Launch
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Big Query
  • Google Data Studio
  • and whatever you may need!

Thermographic kit

Do you need thermographic cameras to measure body temperature?

We know that you need to monitor the health status of your workers and clients. One of the ways to do this is to control the temperature of the people who enter your facilities, logistics centers, points of sale or stores.

For this reason, we take care of ensuring the precision of thermographic measurement with Blackbody accessories and everything you need to control the entrance to your facilities safely. We work with pioneering technologies in the market with suppliers such as: Flir and Hik Vision.

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