Data, data and more data


Digital analytics

“I need to extract reliable data to take quick and effective decisions”

What phase of the analytical process are you in? We help you identify it and reach the goal. We audit your digital assets by identifying points of improvement, implementing robust tagging and validating it to ensure that data is collected correctly. When the base is established, the good part comes: the analysis, optimization and data exploitation.

Reliable data = better decisions, better results.

Business Intelligence

“I have a lot of data sources in CRM, ERP or DMPs and I need to cluster, compare and draw conclusions”.

We integrate all your tools and information structures (internal and external, online and offline) through extraction with APIs and connectors to configure unified, complete and automatized reports with an approach aimed at business decisions.

You will save time and have an integral vision of your business.

Marketing Optimization

“I do not achieve the results I expect with advertising and it is becoming more expensive”

Are your marketing actions not obtaining the results you expect? Do you have leaks in your funnel that you haven't identified yet? Are you not generating the return you expect with your campaigns? Let us help you: cost analysis, conversion funnels, campaign labeling, channel definition, CRO strategies, A / B testing and everything else you might need to get your clients on the conversion path.

Invest in profitable campaigns. The basis of your strategy: conversion.

Analytics Tool Migration

“I want to change tools, without loosing the archive”

We generate an analytical ecosystem for your new tool and we ensure to keep the archive in your pixels, data and reports. We design a historic roadmap of both analytics and customize your reports with your analytical data archive.

Tools change, but your data won't.

Big Data Architecture

“My analysts invest a lot of time in data analytics”

We create a tailored methodology so that your company has a robust, scalable architecture that takes into account the different data processing times. We implement scalable Big Data methodologies.

Discover the secure, fast and centric conversion Big Data structure.

Data Governance

“I need to trust my data and control the pixels and cookies of my assets”

We apply control systems to ensure data quality in your organization: control methodologies on pixelation, automation of the validation of your analytics and monitoring of cookie consent.

Reliable and unquestionable reports.

Data Science

“I need to know my clients better, get more sales or compromise with them”

Our use of data science will help you answer specific questions: who has a greater sensitivity to a certain offer? Or a greater chance of canceling your subscription? How will the rate of attracting new users evolve? What products are bought together? What are the main attributes to know the preferences of our users? And whatever you need!

Science data serving your business.
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