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Retail sector

Retail sector



An important international textile company launches its new website and requests Improving Metrics services to:

  • Identify and report new errors.
  • Create and manage incidents with the IT team of the localized errors.
  • “Translation” of SEO language used by the agencies (very technical) into programmer language (understandable by the IT team), so the programmer only has to follow the instructions given to solve the problem.
  • Update and manage incidents, expanding or modifying the information based on changes in the Google algorithm or new complementary information.
  • Constant communication and complete availability to support the IT team and resolution of doubts when managing an incident.
  • Review the correct / incorrect implementation of the solution in test platforms and in production and reopening / closing of the incidence according to the final result of the development.
  • Reports to SEO managers about the issues resolved and SEO prioritizations for subsequent deployments.


Improving Metrics makes available to the multinational a SEO specialist dedicated exclusively to manage incidents of the textile company's website.


The work carried out by the Improving Metrics SEO specialist increased organic traffic by more than 42%, which accounted for more than 58% of total website traffic.

These data means an increase in gross sales for the company (only through organic traffic) of more than 83%, which implies more than 56% of the total sales of the website.


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Retail sector

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