Data audit and extraction

We help you identify and achieve the goal. We audit your digital assets, identify areas for improvement, implement robust tagging and validate it to make sure the data is collected correctly. Once the basics are in place, the good stuff comes: analysing, optimising and exploiting that data.

What is the status of your assets? Do you know where you are in the analytical process?

Reliable data

Better decisions
Better results

Why is
this phase important for?

Data audit and extraction

Digital maturity

Know the degree of digital maturity of your assets and Business Intelligence
Data audit and extraction

Discover bugs

Discover bugs in data extraction, such as missing, duplicate, or unauthorized labels
Data audit and extraction


Identify optimization points, tools to apply and improvements to be made
Data audit and extraction

Custom labeling

Implement a personalized, business-focused, specific and validated labeling
Data audit and extraction

Road map

Create a road map and a strategic measurement plan that will take us to the goal as efficiently as possible


Frequently asked questions

1What tasks does this audit accomplish?
It depends on what is needed, but typically includes an Analytics Audit, Analytics Tool Configuration and Tag Manager, Tagging Guide Generation and Integration Guide, Pixel Implementation, and Tagging Implementation Validation. A full-fledged fix the basics to start exploiting your data with full guarantee!
2How many assets does it include?
As many as you need. Web, apps, landings ... The more assets and brands, the more work it entails, but also the more opportunities.
3What is the estimated delivery time?
For a standard web + app of a brand, the delivery time is one month, not counting the validations. At this point we are more flexible, as we know that we depend on the IT team.
4What accesses or information do you need to get started?
Access to the analytical tool, Tag Manager, as well as development environments. If you are a retail we will also need accounts and payment methods for the development environments that you have allowed.
5What is the dedicated team?
In this phase we involve profiles of the team of business, technical and QA (data quality) analysts.

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