Data exploitation and measurement customization

We create a tailor-made data extraction and exploitation organization. A robust, scalable architecture that takes into account all the options of the best tools that adapt to your needs and all the characteristics of each of your data sources.

With this, we customize the extraction of one of your assets so that it focuses on the conversion of your business, your investment channels and the actionability of the data.

Discover what it is to have your data in a safe, fast and conversion centric way.

In addition, we apply control systems to ensure the quality of the data in your organization

Why is
this phase important for?

Data exploitation and measurement customization

Data architecture

Create a robust, scalable data architecture that takes into account all your current and future needs
Data exploitation and measurement customization

Choose tools

Choose the analytics tools that best suit your assets and your goals
Data exploitation and measurement customization


Control over your data, identification of incidents quickly, and security over the quality of your reports
Data exploitation and measurement customization

Data extraction

Data extraction customized to your objectives, with fast and validated loading times


Frequently asked questions

1What is measurement customization?
This customization consists of implementing personalized measurement in your assets, since no two businesses are the same. It may be that you need your own parameters, custom events, views and tools adapted to each market, etc. We have experience in customization and mining of concrete data to move you forward. You just have to tell us what is important to your business.
2Can I unify this data architecture to multiple assets?
It is one of the strong points of this architecture. It is scalable and actionable to all the assets you have, the brands or the markets you are in. Again, we go hand in hand with what you need now or will need in the future.
3How can I be sure that my data is correct?
It is a great concern for the entire sector. We have guarantees: our own QA department, our own label control software, and periodic monthly validations of the main and annual KPIs of the entire asset. In addition, we will validate each new implementation or change.
4What analytics tool should I work with?
There is no common answer. In some cases, most of them are interested in working with the Google environment, but in other cases Adobe can be considered, or third parties such as Piwik or Matomo. With what you need, we will advise you to find out which tool best suits your goals.
5What do you need to get started?
We need to know your assets, your business, your goals and the current ecosystem if there is one. In short, a bird's eye view of your current architecture.

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