Business Intelligence and data visualization

We integrate all your tools and information structures (internal and external, online and offline) through extraction with APIs and connectors in order to configure unified, complete and automated reports with an approach directed to business decisions.

You will save time and have a comprehensive vision of your business.

Do you have many data sources in CRM, ERP or DMPs and need to group them, compare them and draw conclusions?

We generate these dashboards by integrating your data with advanced visualisation tools:

Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, Looker...

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this phase important for?

Business Intelligence and data visualization

Create reports

Create reports on performance, marketing, attribution, SEO, CRM, sales, leads, etc. that allow you to optimize your business
Business Intelligence and data visualization

Digital integration

Integrate the physical part of the business with the digital one, if applicable. Your data is one, it does not matter the channel
Business Intelligence and data visualization

Share reports

Share the necessary reports with each team, so that they save the reporting work and have more time to optimize, strategy ...
Business Intelligence and data visualization

Business Intelligence

Install a Business Intelligence vision in your company, your department or your business


Frequently asked questions

1What does Business Intelligence contribute to my business?
In the case of analytics, it is the transformation of data into information to make more informed decisions. That is, go from having KPIs, numbers, events or parameters to converting them into conclusions and a basis for business actions.
2How do you create the reports?
It is one of our strengths: reporting. First, we talk with you to find out what you need for day to day and also to take the leap to the next level. We also use our know-how to know which reports may be interesting for you. Once we know it, we use API connections, connectors or extraction tools to take your data either to a data warehouse (for example, BigQuery) or directly to the visualization tool. We can connect and deal with all kinds of sources: marketing, analytics, customer management, internal or offline databases. And with this we use all our experience to visualize the data in a simple and easy to interpret, share and draw conclusions.
3What is it like to access these Business Intelligence reports?
It depends on each visualization tool, but they are usually available in the cloud so that you can consult them whenever you need, and share them with the teams involved.
4What data visualization tools do you work with?
As in other cases, there is no single answer. You may be interested in working with Power BI because you have Microsoft environments and your company already has a license, or you may be interested in working with Google Data Studio or Tableau. We have experience in these and many others. We will advise you on which one is the right one for you.
5What do you need to get started?
We need to know your goals and your data sources. We will present you a first version of each BI report in case you need any changes. And start activating your data!

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