CRO and Marketing Analytics

Let us help you: cost analysis, conversion funnels, campaign labeling, channel definition, CRO strategies, A / B testing and everything you need to take your clients on the conversion path.

With this, we customize the extraction of one of your assets so that it focuses on the conversion of your business, your investment channels and the actionability of the data.

The basis: establish a culture of conversion in everything that is done and in the entire team.

Are your marketing actions not having the results you expect? Do you have leaks in your funnel that you have not yet identified? Are you not generating the return you expect with your campaigns?

Get increase your conversions thanks to:

A/B testing
Focus on ROI / ROAS

And not only that. Our use of data science will help you answer specific questions:

Who has a greater sensitivity to a certain offer? A greater probability of canceling their subscription? How will the rate of attracting new users evolve? What products are bought together? What are the main attributes to know? the preferences of our users?

And whatever you need!

Why is
this phase important for?

CRO and Marketing Analytics

Focus on ROI / ROAS

Optimize every € you invest in your campaigns to get the highest possible return.
CRO and Marketing Analytics

Identify incidents and improvements

Identify incidents and improvements in the purchase funnel, the analysis of advertising costs, campaigns or digital strategy
CRO and Marketing Analytics


Optimize the path to conversion in your assets: CRO strategies such as defining the customer journey, AB test, UX ...
CRO and Marketing Analytics


Use data science to understand and automate information


Frequently asked questions

1Why is it important to develop a CRO and Marketing Analytics strategy?
Basically to use the full power of analytics and data experience to improve the conversion of your assets and optimize the cost of your advertising investments. Spend better, convert more.
2How is your methodology for CRO?
Our methodology for CRO is very complete. It consists of eight phases: objectives and data collection, analysis and action plan, validation and effort-value scoring, design, feasibility, testing, results and deployment in production. But the key? Iterate, iterate, iterate ...
3How is your methodology for Marketing Analytics?
It depends on what your objective is: sales, leads, user retention, qualification ... But in all of them we have experience and we will help you to know what can be useful to you. A cost, ROAS and / or ROI analysis is the basics, but we want to go further.
4What CRO tools do you work with?
We can work from complete and complex tools such as AB Tasty, Optimizely or Contentsquare (of which we are partners), or with simpler and more accessible tools to start with such as Google Optimize or Hotjar.
5What Data Science tools do you work with?
As we discussed in other services, there is not a valid answer for all cases. Our Data Science department works hand in hand with analysts, so they can guide you, advise you and create the necessary environment to start sending you information. When you find out what they can do you won't want to stop!
6What do you need to get started?
We need to know your conversion goals and access to your marketing sources. We will advise you and propose all our experience so that each source performs better and your asset converts more.

Tools that we use every day.

Join the data revolution.
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