Improver Manifesto.

We are Improvers, that's what we call ourselves. we are a team of analysts, technicians, engineers, mathematicians, marketers and many other disciplines. We are solvers by nature. We actually love being called Business Improvers. Why? Because we are motivated to help our clients make better business decisions thanks to data analytics and digital strategy. We feel like one of your team.

The value of data and its application. This motivates us to commit ourselves to the success of our clients from minute 0. We like automations, identifying and classifying important data. In short, facilitate the work of everyone and activate them.

We are honest, transparent and responsible in the services we provide, the knowledge we have and the experience we acquire. We are not afraid of mistakes, we identify them and we react quickly. We are used to it and this has made us more agile, flexible and most importantly, it has made us grow.

We care about the people we work with. Whether they are colleagues or clients. Therefore, one of our strengths is direct and close communication with our clients. Without intermediaries or third parties. To speak with an analyst you will not have to go through 3 accounts, 2 project managers, 1 coordinator and wait 2 business days. We feel part of your team and therefore communication is effective.

We also care about our physical environment and that is why we follow guidelines for waste management, energy saving and efficiency, wherever we are. We take care of our body and mind to always give the best of ourselves.

We look for any excuse to celebrate. We celebrate every festive occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, newborn Improvers, etc… We have an unwritten rule: the person honored brings something to eat and the omelette never fails. We love them. With onion and without onion to please all tastes 😊

And, of course, we are creative and awake minds (some would say geeks hehe). You will always see us at webinars, courses, hackathons and all the industry events that we can: we are passionate about our work. Ah! And don't get up from the table without locking up your computer or you'll find Mitch Buchannon in your wallpaper.

Together we are great. And, although now we cannot share omelettes because we are from home to stay safe, we are happy because we have many reasons to continue celebrating, among them that we have already spent almost a decade working with major brands worldwide and adding! Many of them, by the way, continue from day 1.
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