In a changing ecosystem, training is power and independence for your team.

Courses or Master Classes online or face-to-face, personalized or in-company with senior analysts and with real experience in highly demanding clients.

Does your team need help in its first steps or specialize in an area?

Train your team in

Google Analytics 4
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Launch
and whatever you need!

Why is
this phase important for?


Know what's new

Know the news of the ecosystem and main actors

Identify news

Identify new technologies, procedures or methodologies that may be interesting to apply in your business

Train the team

Train your team in the tools you already use or in new ones that you are going to implement

Independent the team

Independent your team in certain tasks of the day or day or recurring doubts


Frequently asked questions

1What does this training consist of?
It consists of training or master classes for analysts, technicians, data scientists or QA engineers with real and proven customer experience on the subject for which you have detected a need. The training can be from complete itineraries of several sessions, to short classes to catch up or present to the team the possibilities of a tool, technology or field of interest.
2What is the difference between online and face-to-face?
None. Apart from seeing our faces, which we always like, the content and the person that teaches the class will be the same. The practical part is transferred from face-to-face to online, with tools such as Kahoot!, so that the recipient of the class will be able to follow it and practice or ask anyway.
3How are the deliverables of the trainings?
We will always give you a digital copy of the training content so that you can review it and use it as a white paper or as a safeguard.
4Do you work with FUNDAE (Spanish State Foundation for Employment Training)?
That's right. We offer assistance with subsidized training.

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