Data, data and more data

Artificial intelligence.

Discover the power of the IA

Take advantage of the AI to determine the results with a high degree of accuracy. With algorithms machines can use data to find patterns, anomalies and predict the future.

Clustering and segmentation

Create user communities.

Analyze and automatically identify large volumes of information to create groups with similar characteristics.

Affintiyland, an in-house AI tool developed by Improving Metrics, detects tastes and preferences of your users after analyzing several information (clicks, purchases, returns, I like it).

Offer relevant content, products or promotions for a group.

Detection of anomalies in real time

Analyze millions of data every second.

Alerts in real time, through machine learning, can guarantee the precision, prediction and personalized statistical modeling.

Forget about defining complex rules or statistical models to have useful and reliable alerts based on quality data.

Wiper, an in-house AI tool developed by Improving Metrics, does it for you automatically.

Targeting and customization

Automatically customize your interaction with customers.

Show everyone what they really want to see.

You can optimize thanks to targeting, IA and Deep Learning and offer personalized digital experiences on websites, apps and mailing campaigns.

Analyze behaviors and detect patterns with Affintiyland, an in-house AI tool developed by Improving Metrics.

Make your users feel unique.

Attribution optimization

Lean on machines to improve your performance.

Advances in attribution through intelligent technology provide insight to the consumer and the customer journey as we have never seen before.

Maximize your marketing campaigns with quality data and algorithms adapted to your circumstances to obtain accurate results.

Do not waste your time, take advantage of machine learning.

Predictive analytics

Anticipate yourself to the needs of your customers.

Use connections based on past data to predict future results:

Purchase intention: know who wants to buy something and when.

Product sales: forecast product popularity.

Integrated analysis of digital marketing: see which customer's journey ends in conversion and which ones waste money and resources.

Based on data history, Wiper, an in-house AI tool developed by Improving Metrics, calculates capacities, stock, demand and anticipates possible problems.

Artificial visión

Collect practical information from images.

We customize the software of new artificial vision models to adapt them to your particular case thanks to IoT, physical analytics and image analytics. Know the age range, gender and facial expressions of your offline clients to offer them what they are looking for online.

Understanding the behavior of your clients has never been easier.

Testing and optimization

Increase the return on investment.

We use several tools to automate and accelerate the optimization tests of your web pages. This allows you to test, adapt and customize the content.

Drive your revenue and improve the conversions of your marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence
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