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Auditing and data collection processes certification... What do I get?

Auditing and data collection processes certification... What do I get?

In a business with powerful online activity, analytics have a lot of weight. The conclusions provided by analysts, based on the collected data, are a solid basis to ground business decision taking, such as opening up markets, marketing investment, new products incorporation, etc.

Usually, SEOs that read analysts reports don't know first hand the data sources where these are grounded. Nevertheless, when some KPI alteration demands a difficult response, someone may ask her or himself what guarantees do they have that certify that data is correct. Is is possible to double check data? Is there any way to verify the web or app data collection processes are working at its best?

For an internal analytics department, this situation may be quite compromising. They may be positively safe about the tagging they have performed, and that the measuring software is processing the data it's receiving, but... they may not have the necessary resources and skills to get proof that the data is being sent correctly - particularly when involving tablet and mobile apps.


Web and tagging

We'll talk about native apps in other post - by now, let's focus in web measuring. Tagging is based in a programming language called JavaScript that is executed in the user's browser. Each browser and platform (Internet Explorer 8, IE 9, IE 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android Browser, Opera, etc) executes this JavaScript code at its very own way - some of them stick closer to the rule (as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc), while some others have a very unique way (such as Internet Explorers).

In order to determine how the tagging is working in each platform, each one of them must be checked separately. We recommedn at least to verify most common browsers among our users (usually Internet Explorer 8, IE 9, IE 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari for Mac, Safari for iPad, Safari for iPhone, Android Browser for Tablet and Android browser for Smart Phone). Again, we're talking about the web right now, native apps are due in a later post. So if we want to make sure everything is working fine, each one of the tagged elements in our web should be validated in each one of these browsers and platforms... That could mean to assign our analyst / IT to this task for several weeks.

In Improving Metrics we're experts in data verification and certification. We have developed an enviroment specifically designed for auditing in every browser and device. We certify our tagging is meeting the highest quality standards.

For a website we recommend verifying, at least, its visitants' most used browsers and platforms:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • IE 9
  • IE 10
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari for Mac
  • Safari for iPad
  • Safari for iPhone
  • Android Browser for Tablet
  • Android browser for Smart Phone
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